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Quick Start on TuneVoyage v1.3

Build a massive following organically!

Created: 01 Apr 2018
By: Stanislav "Taffo" Velikoff
Email: contact@taffovelikoff.com

This is a quick start guide to TuneVoyage. For more information, please read the extended documentation.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. Installation
  4. Update
  5. Admin zone overview
  6. What next?
  7. The catalog
  8. Adding your releases
  9. How does TuneVoyage work?

A) Introduction - top

TuneVoyage is a web based application and catalog, that combines powerful tools to help musicians/labels and other content creators organically grow their fan base on various social networks by trading free downloads for social engagement and new followers (via download gates), convert more fans to streams and downloads by better marketing their music with smart links and keep track on the growth.

B) Features - top

C) Installation - top

Unzip the archive and upload the content of the "tunevoyage" folder via FTP client like FileZilla.
Go to your cPanel and create a new database + user.
Open TuneVoyage in a browser and follow the steps of the installation/setup script, add your info, choose admin password and e-mail, copy/paste your client id and secret for SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Spotify, Deezer and/or YouTube, if you want to use download gates.

D) Update - top


Updating from 1.02 or older

Replace all files in "system/" and "application/" directories. Open your browser and run the update script: http://yoursite.com/tunevoyage/update (replace http://yoursite.com/tunevoyage with the path to your installation).
You should see "TuneVoyage was succesfully updated".

VERY IMPORTANT: It is only save to update if you didn't altered TuneVoyage's code at all, or else your changes might be overwritten by the update!

E) Admin zone overview - top

First thing you have to do, after the successfull installation is, of course, to login with the e-mail and password you chose during the installation. The admin zone is located in the "/admin" subfolder.
Example: http://mysite.com/tunevoyage/admin

The admin zone has 6 sections. In the DASHBOARD you can check some statistics for the current month, week and day and also check how helpful was TuneVoyage for your social growth so far. In the GATES/LINKS section you can create, delete and edit your download gates and smart links, but before you can do that you need to add some CATEGORIES, so your fans can easily filter your releases while browsing in your catalog (the front page). In the STATISTICS section you can get detailed reports about downloads, link clicks, reposts, preferred platforms, top downloaders and much more. In SOTRES you can reorder, activate or hide store links. If you need to change some global settings or info and password go to the SETTINGS page. Here you can also add your client IDs and APP secrets (needed for download gates to work) for each platform, that you want to use and also find the REDIRECT URIs needed when you generate the keys. You can also change the background, generate an API Key if you want to use the TuneVoyage API and change other global settings.

F) What next? - top

Before you can start adding download gates and smart links, you need to create some categories. Each gate and link has to be assigned to at least one category. If you work in one genre only you can create categories that match the mood of your songs (for example: accoustic, live, club, rave, road trip). You decide how to use. If you just want to use one category it may be better to hide the filter from the catalog because it would be redundant. You can do this in the settings page. You also need to provide SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Spotify, Deezer and/or YouTube client ID and secret in order to create download gates. This is needed so TuneVoyage can collect subscribers, followers and likes on the platforms when somebody wants to unlock a gate. You can copy/paste that info during the installation or in the settings page.

You can drag and drop categories, smart links and gates in the admin zone to rearrange them and change the way they show on the front page, your catalog.

G) The catalog - top

The front page of TuneVoyage is a dynamicly generated from your download gates and smart links catalog. There is a category filter included. A catalog can motivate your fans to browse and download more of your content so you can collect even more likes, streams or reposts.

H) Adding your releases - top

When ever you create a new smart link or download gate, it will automatically appear in the front page (catalog), unless you choose to hide it. If you decide you want to hide a given item, only those who have the link to it will be able to download/view it. Each item must have its own name, a unique custom url (keyword) and has to be assigned to at lease one (or up to 3) category. You can add a SoundCloud (soundcloud key is needed for this) or YouTube preview and authors. For your cover pictures you should only use images with the same ratio, a square image always works. For example, your images should be in dimentions of 500x500, 1000x1000, 1500x1500 for best results. 1500x1500 is the preffered size if you want to also use the same image as a background of the landing page.
Each smart link should have at least one link to a music store or streaming platform and each download gate should have at least on download option (spotify follow to download, youtube subscribe to download and etc...).

iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal, Juno Download, Bandcamp, YouTube, Google, Play, Amazon, Deezer, Napster, Traxsource, CDBaby and Apple Music.

You can easily customize the options and rules and let your fans support you in the following ways:

When you decide to combine a download gate with a smart link into a "bridge" page, the smart link will dissappear from the catalog, the cover from the download gate will be used. The combined gate and smart link will still appear seperated in the statistics, of course.

I) How does TuneVoyage work? - top


For each download gate you can choose what download options to give to your fans. They can choose one of the platforms you have included for the gate and connect with their profiles. Once they authorize the connection they will automaticly follow you on a given social website, repost and/or like your content (depends on your settings). After that the download will be unlocked. You can choose to display more of your social media profiles and encourage fans to visit after their download is unlocked (twitter, facebook page...).
TuneVoyage is really flexible. You can setup different download options and rules for different gates. You can also upload your files directly to your server or chose to redirect the fans to another service like zippyshare and dropbox, if you want to save space on your hosting. Each time somebody unlocks a gate TuneVoyage will collect some statistics, wich will be available in the admin zone.


You can add all of the links to the different stores and streaming services, that your release is available in, and the system will generate a beautiful landing page with the cover you uploaded, preview (soundcloud or youtube embedded player) and a custom url you have entered. There your fans can see the list with all the stores and choose where they want to stream or download from. This way you can leave only one download/purchase link in your emails, youtube videos, soundcloud descriptions, blog posts and etc. Everytime a link is clicked TuneVoyage will collect some statistics, wich will be available in the admin zone. Those records help you understand where your clicks are comming from, what are the most preffered shops and much more.


You can attach a smart link to a download gate when creating the download gate. This will automatically combine the items and create a page where your fans can choose if they want to support you via a purchase (or by streaming your content) or if they want to follow you and repost your content on social media.

Got questions? Read the extended documentation included, or drop a message on my e-mail via the contact form on the product's page on CodeCanoyn.

Taffo Velikoff

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