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Created: 01 Apr 2018
By: Stanislav "Taffo" Velikoff
Email: contact@taffovelikoff.com
Version: 1.3

Thank you for purchasing TuneVoyage. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview and features
  2. How does it work
  3. Installation & requirements
  4. Working with TuneVoyage
  5. Getting client ID and secret for each platform

A) Overview and features - top


TuneVoyage is a web based application and catalog, that combines powerful tools to help musicians/labels and other content creators organically grow their fan base on various social networks by trading free downloads for social engagement and new followers (via download gates), convert more fans to streams and downloads by better marketing their music with smart links and keep track on the growth.


B) How does it work? - top


For each download gate you can choose what download options to give to your fans. They can choose one of the platforms you have included for the gate and connect with their profiles. Once they authorize the connection they will automaticly follow you on a given social website, repost and/or like your content (depends on your settings). After that the download will be unlocked. You can choose to display more of your social media profiles and encourage fans to visit after their download is unlocked (twitter, facebook page...).
TuneVoyage is really flexible. You can setup different download options and rules for different gates. You can also upload your files directly to your server or chose to redirect the fans to another service like zippyshare and dropbox, if you want to save space on your hosting.


You can add all the links to the different stores and streaming services, that your release is available in, and the system will generate a beautiful landing page with the cover you uploaded, preview (soundcloud or youtube embedded player) and a custom url you have entered. There your fans can see the list with all the stores and choose where they want to stream or download from. This way you can promote just one link in your emails, youtube videos, soundcloud descriptions, blog posts and etc. Simple and effective! Smart links also help you understand where your clicks are comming from and what are the most preffered shops.


You can attach a smart link to a download gate when creating the download gate. This will automatically combine the items and create a page where your fans can choose if they want to support you via a purchase (or by streaming your content) or if they want to follow you and repost your content on social media.

C) Installation - top

TuneVoyage requires apache server; PHP version 5.4 or above (+ cURL), but PHP 7 is recommended; MySQL 5.x;
SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Deezer, Spotify and/or YouTube API key and secret (if you want to use download gates).

  1. Unzip the archive and upload the tunevoyage folder to your server via a FTP client. Make sure you give "777" as permissions to the "uploads" and "application/views/compiled" directories.
  2. Create a new database and user in cPanel. When asked, give all priviliges. Import the "install.sql" file in the database.
  3. Open the website (example: http://mywebsite.com/tunevoyage) and enter your database name, user and password then choose your time zone.
  4. On the next step you can choose a custom diplsay name and description for the system, admin e-mail, password and also choose if you want to use download gates, wich social websites you want your fans to follow you on and add the APP info (client id and secret) for each of the platforms. You can do this any time later too in the settings page.
    Check out "Getting client ID and secret for each platform" if you need more information.
    1. STILL CONFUSED? Watch a video tutorial here.

D) Work with TuneVoyage - top

Admin zone - top

The admin zone is located in the /admin subfolder. Login with your e-mail and password.


    The dashboard is the home page of your admin zone. Here you can view some quick stats about the downloads, link clicks and more.


    Here you can create, edit and rearrange your smart links and download gates.


    Here you can create, edit and rearrange your categories.


    Activate, deactivate stores/services or rearrange their order (for smart links).


    View detailed statistics about downloads, downloaders, clicks, preffered platforms and so much more.


    You can change global system settings from this page.

Creating categories - top

The first thing you have to do after you install TuneVoyage is to add some categories. Each category will appear in the catalog and your fans can filter your releases and find the thing they want faster and easier. If you work in one genre only you can create categories that match the mood of your songs (for example: accoustic, live, club, rave, road trip). You decide how to use. If you just want to use one category it may be better to hide the filter from the catalog because it would be redundant. You can do this in the settings page.

You can create, delete and edit smart links from the "Gates/Links" page in the admin zone. A smart link needs at least 1 link to an external music shop or streaming service. You can create a new one by clicking this button:

Creating download gates (and bridges) - top

IMPORTANT: Please use the gate rules (what your fans must do in order to unlock a download) wisely! It is not recommended to force fans to follow many artists or like/repost songs, that are not included in your release. For example, if you are the only author of a song do not add additional profiles to follow (well... maybe the label, of course). Not only that people might not like the idea to follow someone who they have never heard of before, but a lot of the platforms also have certain limmits on how much new followings can be added by a user for a small period of time. SoundCloud may temporarily suspend accounts that "follow more profiles at once that is humanly possible".

I developed TuneVoyage so it doesn't break any of the DEVELOPERS TERMS OF USE for the different platforms and there is a reason why it doesn't have unlimmited fields to add many more artists and tracks for the gates or why it doesn't collect too much sensitive data. If you decide to alter the code of TuneVoyage and add more fields, you do it at your own risk! If you go against the "developers terms" of any platform your APP might be banned.

It is safe to fill all of the current fields in the download gate rules, but it would be much better to do it ONLY IF YOU REALLY NEED TO. DON'T SPAM - PROMOTE!

You can only create download gates if at least one of the platforms in the settings page is activated and you have provided (again, in settings or during installation) API client ID, client secret and a default profile. The default profile is included in each download gate, when you have selected the "follow/subscribe to download" option, so you don't have to re-enter your profile/channel url over and over again when creating new gates.

Statistics - top

Follow your progress in details with TuneVoyage's statistics!

The Settings Page - top

E) Getting client ID and secret for each platform - top

In order to communicate with SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Deezer, YouTube and Spotify TuneVoyage needs an APP (client id and secret) for each of these platforms, that you have to generate.
Each time your fans want to download something from the catalog TuneVoyage is going to ask them to give permissions to your web APPs to connect to their SoundCloud/Spotify/YouTube/Deezer or MixCloud profile. For each download gate there are certain actions they need to do in order to unlock the free download (like songs, like videos, follow profiles, subscribe to channels and etc.). Those actions are called "gate rules". Once they click the download button and authorize the connection your APP is going to automatically fulfill the gate rules for them (they are going to follow the listed artists, profiles, like the listed songs and etc.). TuneVoyage will unlock the download and save the statistics in the end.
You can generate the client id and secret in the developers section of each platform. After that, you only need to copy/paste them in the settings page or during the installation of TuneVoyage. That is it!

You need to generate API KEYs only for the platforms that you want to use.

Taffo Velikoff

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